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3D Graphics

Have you thought about how 3D Graphics Signs can support your business image?

3D lettering with 3D graphics signs convey a distinctive image. The look can make you think “expensive” but using today’s materials your signage bill doesn’t have to reflect expensive.

Talk to us about the image you are trying to create and we can suggest a finished product that blends with that image.

Ideal for Interior signage as office numbers, or office entryway signage.

3D graphic signs can also be used on the exterior of businesses or as building street numbers.

Ask about our installation services.

A Frame

Pedestrian or local traffic? Sidewalk signs create awareness.

Sidewalk signs or A Frame signs are ideal for catching the eye of passersby. Restaurants can use the blackboard version of the sign for creating interest in their changing specials. Shops can list services that might not be immediately obvious.

NOTE: Once you purchase the metal frame for an A Frame sign you can replace the coroplast sign insert as needed – for example if you’re having a sale, insert a sale sign with your logo.

SUGGESTION: Sidewalk signs are most effective when you start with your company name and condense your message to a few lines.


Super size your sign with a Banner

Banners create high visibility and are most effective when they contain a simple short message. Banners can be made with vinyl lettering (ideal for changing dates from year to year) or a full digital print.

We carry a wide selection of banner materials (substrates) – from paper to wide mesh vinyl material to finely woven specialty fabric. If you find the selection overwhelming we can offer practical advice and suggestions.

NOTE: Remember that the banner needs to be attached to something. We offer solutions for supporting the banner from banner stands to grommets (holes) in all four corners.

SUGGESTION: Banners can be reused for reoccuring events (eg. golf tournaments, charity events, annual corporate events). Just roll up the banner and store it.

Engraved Trophies

Trophies and Plaques

What a great way to celebrate someone’s achievements – an engraved trophy or an engraved plaque! At Paper Sign Man we customize trophies and plaques for everything from small events to league awards.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the trophy or plaque from our cabinet or our catalog.
  2. Tell us how many you need and give us the information to be engraved.
  3. We can have your order engraved and ready in as little as a week’s time!


Signs – Engraving

Engraved Door and nameplates

Engraved nameplates give recognition to the individuals in your company. They identify an individual’s “space” and help new employees and visitors associate names with faces.

At the Paper Sign Man we can create custom engraved nameplates for an individual or a large group. Give us a call. It’s often less expensive than you think to give recognition.

Name tags

Identify your staff when they’re interacting with the public with name tags. We offer magnetic or pin backed name tags in a wide range of colours. We can engrave single colour logos as well as names on the name tag.

Lamacoid industrial labeling

Lamacoid is an ideal material for industrial labelling. It is weather resistant – doesn’t fade in the sun; doesn’t run in the rain.

Need a different shape from square – we can do it.

Need a couple of tags this time and perhaps more later – we can do that too.


Custom Magnetic Signs – for a whole lot of reasons

Magnetic signs let your vehicle do double duty. It’s an economical way to advertise on your vehicle and at the same time you can remove it at any time. At the Paper Sign Man we produce a full range of truck magnetic signs and car magnetic signs. That means maximum flexibily for you! You can choose from vinyl letter and logos on a white background to full colour.

Magnetic business cards or logos. Printed on a lower gauge magnetic backing, these “business cards” are ideal for encouraging your customers to keep your phone number handy – on the fridge or filing cabinet.

Outdoor Signs

Signs – Outdoor Signs

The biggest difference between outdoor and indoor signs is that outdoor signs have to be weather resistant. The signs have to stand up to rain, snow, freezing temperatures AND sun. Is it OK if your sign fades a bit or do you need the colours to stay vibrant? We can laminate the sign to help keep the colours vibrant for longer.

At the Paper Sign Man we produce a broad spectrum of outdoor signs – A-frame signs3D Signsbanners, illuminated sign boxes, metal signs, magnetic signscoroplast and plywood signs.

If you know exactly what you want – contact us.

If you have a goal but want to know the options contact us.

We offer installation services too.

Parking Signs

Signs – Parking signs, Directional signs

Parking signs communicate clearly. They tell your customers where they can park (and where they can’t park).

Customize your parking signs with your company name and/or logo. It allows your customers to confirm that they’re in the right place and that while they’re doing business with you – they don’t have to worry about their vehicle being towed.

In addition to custom parking signs, the Paper Sign Man can create any type of metal sign (don’t let the word “paper” in our name fool you).

If you need the sign installed we can do that too.

Retail Signs

Signs – Retail Signage

Opening a new retail business? Signage is your silent partner for drawing potential customers.

If you have a firm vision of what your retail signs should look like and where they should go, describe it to us and we can give you an estimate. Our prices are fair and affordable and our turnaround time may suprise you – in a good way.

Where to place your retail exterior signs?

Where to place signs for a business

Click on the picture to the left for a larger version. This diagram shows common places for retail signage. Take a look. There may be some ideas that you hadn’t considered. If you’d like us to go over the options drop by the office.

Interior retail signs

Paper Sign Man can create a variety of signs for the interior of your store. From paper “sale” or “special” signs to decals for your windows (listing your hours, retail name, or website address), to more durable coroplast or sintra backed signs to set a mood or tone, to staff name tags, to signage around your cash register.

Safety Signs

Signs – Safety Signs

Signs are a proven and effective reminder to keep safety first. Bold caution or warning signs get your message across. Workplace safety signs inform and remind us to stop and pay attention when caution is required.

The Paper Sign Man can create custom or standard safety signs – as a metal sign, or a coroplast sign or even a banner.

If you know you need a safety sign but aren’t sure exactly what it should say stop by our office. We maintain a library of proven safety signs to help you come up with the most effective wording and design for your safety sign.

Truck and Car Signs

Signs – Truck / Car Signs

When you use your car or truck for business, vehicle signs can act as your silent promotional tool and your silent ambassador (credibility). Truck or car signs that we can create include:

  • magnetic signs (great when you use the vehicle for other purposes),
  • vinyl lettering (inexpensive, durable, difficult to remove) or
  • vinyl truck or car wraps (Wow! Let us install it for you).

Don’t forget to put a sign on your tailgate – and catch the attention of potential customers lined up behind you at a stop light.

Vinyl Lettering

Sign Material – Vinyl (Self Adhesive)

Single colour custom cut vinyl lettering or shapes can be applied to any sign material – such as coroplastSintra, plastic, metal signs, cars or trucks. If your sign is backed with coroplast or sintra, with vinyl lettering, the lettering can be removed and updated.

Our print technology also allows us to create full colour vinyl signs – which can be used as car wraps, window signs or applied to any backing.

Vinyl is durable, weather resistant, inexpensive and flexible.

We carry two types of self adhesive vinyl:

  • life expectancy of 3-5 years
  • life expectancy of 8 years

We also carry a removable vinyl, with a low tack adhesive – which makes it easy to remove. This type of sign is one-time use only and is ideal for use in promotions – think car dealerships.

Removable vinyl is close but not quite right? We also have static cling vinyl – ideal for use indoors for promotions where the original surface must remain in it’s original state (doesn’t leave a tacky residue). Examples include store windows, or large flat walls.

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