Artwork Requirements

The following are the guidelines we require for artwork:

Fonts: Please supply us with all the fonts required and convert all text (fonts) to curves or paths and strokes to outlines. If you are unable to convert, please provide font in TTF format.

Printed Hardcopy Artwork: All electronic artwork should have hardcopy in color or black and white copy and/or PMS colours to help with colour matching.

Vector Artwork/Digital Artwork: We accept the following for both the vector and digital artwork: Adobe Illustrator (.eps, .ai, .pdf), CorelDRAW Version 10, .jpg and .tif file formats. Please forward digital image separate from the text if you have both text and image on sign layout.

File Size For Digital Output: Please make sure that your file size has a sufficient resolution for the required output size. All images should be created and saved in RGB mode, 25% scaling at 300dpi minimum, or 100% scaling at 150dpi minimum, in .eps or .tiff format (example: 2' x 6' banner file size: 50MB).

Let’s Work Together

Scanning: We offer scanning services for photos sized up to 8.5" x 11". The bigger the original, the better the results. Anything over this size will need to be digitally photographed or scanned by another service provider.

All customers are provided colour proofs prior to production via e-mail, fax, or in person. They must be signed off for approval, and a deposit is required prior to the production of the sign.

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