Examples of engraved signs

Signs - Engraving

Engraved Door and nameplates

Engraved nameplates give recognition to the individuals in your company. They identify an individual’s “space” and help new employees and visitors associate names with faces.

At the Paper Sign Man we can create custom engraved nameplates for an individual or a large group. Give us a call. It’s often less expensive than you think to give recognition.

Engraved Name tags

Name tags

Identify your staff when they’re interacting with the public with name tags. We offer magnetic or pin backed name tags in a wide range of colours. We can engrave single colour logos as well as names on the name tag.

Lamacoid industrial labeling

Lamacoid is an ideal material for industrial labelling. It is weather resistant - doesn’t fade in the sun; doesn’t run in the rain.

Need a different shape from square - we can do it.

Need a couple of tags this time and perhaps more later - we can do that too.

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